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Myself Nikki and my baba prince

  Hi I’m Nikki and  I am so glad you are here! It means you are looking at beginning your nurturing journey with baby.

About Nurture That Sparkle

A bit about me


I’m a baby massage, baby yoga, mama and infant mindfulness facilitator and a mother to a beautiful little one. Infant mental health and the importance of the first 1001 days of life are at the core of my vision.  I want to support and nurture as many mummies, daddies and babies as I can through my parenting classes in Amesbury, Salisbury and the surrounding areas. By setting the cornerstones of mental health in place and building secure, supported, nurtured, loved environments for our babies will mean more loving and positive communities for their future. 

Here, all my social media accounts and in my groups you’ll find a nurturing, positive experience full of bonding and love for all of your family.

The Why & How


Why is a Nurture Group in baby massage, baby yoga or mindfulness so important to both you and baby?

Lets look at just some of the benefits.....

Release of hormones and create a secure bond.

Helps soothe & calm both you and baby.

Develops balance, independence & body awareness.

Positive parental & infant mental health.

Meets babies developmental needs.

Communicate security, love & trust to your baby through touch.


Baby Yoga (8weeks to active crawling)

Baby Massage (8 week to active crawling)

Tots Yoga & Massage (active crawlers to 3rd birthday)

Preschool Yoga & Mindfulness (3-5 year olds)


Mum To Be Mindfulness & Relaxation (prenatal)

Newborn Nurture (birth to 12 weeks)


(keep an eye out for these as they are pop ups and one off)

Family Yoga & Mindfulness

Soothe, Settle & Sleep (8 weeks +)

Parenting classes in Amesbury focusing on mindfulnes, yoga and positive  health.

How do you sign up?

Follow the booking link below and sign up for a group.

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Our Tribe


Gentle, loving, caring!

Exploring, learning, adventuring!

Nurturing, bonding, sharing!

This is what my Nurture Groups are about! ‘It takes a village to grow babies’ and in today’s society we are increasingly isolated from our communities and often some distance from our families. Join me and become a part of the Nurture That Sparkle Tribe! A tribe of woman supporting woman, building a network of love and nurture from bump onwards! Parenting classes in Amesbury.

Babies are recognised as the future of our society and mums as the cornerstone. Let’s work together to lay strong nurtured loving foundations for infant mental health and a better future for us all.

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