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Nurture That Sparkle

Hi welcome to baby massage & yoga with the Nurture That Sparkle Tribe




About Us

Who We Are


Baby massage & yoga to bond with your babies & create a nurturing positive mindfulness experience you can use everyday!

Unique in providing weekly groups not set parenting classes.

Can come to your home for private one to one seasions or small groups.

The Why & How


Why should you chose a baby massage course?

Touch is the first sense your baby developed, through baby massage you will build a secure strong loving bond with your baby.

This will enable you to read your baby’s cues & to respond to their needs facilitating positive infant mental health. Along side the remedial tool box of strokes you will learn to deal with teething, colic, congestion and sleep you will feel empowered, closer and relaxed.

How do you sign up?

Go to our bookings system and sign up for a class or send an enquiry for private sessions!

Still not sure join our Facebook page Nurture That Sparkle.

Our Tribe


Gentle, loving, caring!

Exploring, learning, adventuring!

Nurturing, bonding, sharing!

I am a mother and baby wellness facilitator using baby massage & yoga to aid mother and infant to create positive mental health!

Join me and become a part of the Nurture That Sparkle Tribe!

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Nurture That Sparkle